Arkenfel House 3

Arkenfel House 3

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28/32mm scaled terrain for D&D, Frostgrave, AoS, Mordheim, and other tabletop skirmish and wargames. Designed with Playable interiors and working doors.


  • Pieces: 1x Ground Floor, 1x First Floor, 1x Second Floor, 1x Third Floor, 1x Roof, 1x Door, 1x Metal Hinge Rod
  • Total Pieces: 7
  • Item is sent unpainted and unassembled.


Printed in high resolution (0.2mm layers) using high quality Gray/Silver PLA filament. 


Please Note:  Whist we try to remove all supports after printing with this being a 3D printed item some tidying up may be required before painting and some blemishes may remain.  This item is designed to be slotted together and taken apart again after use but if you want to permanently assemble it we highly recommend using strong super glue or epoxy (poly cement is NOT suitable)


Have your own 3D printer? Digital files for this and many other Dark Realms items can be purchased from the designer at

Timeless Comics is an authorised commercial printer for Dark realms Designs.