Our Story

Welcome to the online home of Timeless Comics, thank you for visiting today.
We started Timeless Comics in February 2014 as a way to make ends meet after some health issues meant I had to leave my job.  When we first opened we had only my personnal collection of comics and Pokemon cards to offer.

Soon after opening our new friends started asking for more, more comics, more trading cards, basically more everything. In response to this we made some calls and started stocking many more older comics as well as the latest releases, funko pops, trading card assesories and sealed boosters.
By 2016 we had completely out grown our little unit and were forced to say goodbye to it in favour of a bigger unit in a much better location within the market.  It took some hard work to get it looking how we wanted including building some walls.

Over the next 12 months we continued providing Doncaster with a much needed place to buy comics and lots of other geeky merchandise until the day came where yet again we had run out of space and needed something even bigger.  After lots of negotiation, refitting and decorating we finally opened the doors in our proper comic book store.


Since opening the doors in the new store, its been one massive adventure. We started up a regular Saturday gaming group where we play Dungeons & Dragons every other week and host “Play what you want” evenings in the off weeks where we provide a selection of games to play or you can arrange to bring one of your own games.

We now take part in both FCBD and HCF each year as our way of thanking everyone for helping support us thoughout the year, lets face it who doesn’t like free comics.


Unfortuanatly it hasn’t all been happy sailing as little while ago we were broken into, while nothing that was stolen was irreplacable it took a little time to get back on our feet and the website you are on is a part of that rebuild.

For the last 5 years Timeless Comics has offered its services as Doncasters friendly indepentant comic store and we hope to continue for many years to come.


Thank you for taking the time to read our origin story so far, we hope it has been as exciting to read as it has been to live.


As the late great Stan Lee would say… Excelsior!!